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Online Marketing Solutions

Here's the deal we  use the implementation of latest technological trends, the ability to use metrics to shape strategy, and the ability to craft unique online user experiences to combat current and future challenges in the online marketplace.  In the online market adapting authentic storytelling can only be accomplished by understanding the target customer. Using real world experience for research, analysis, and quantifying customer profiles, a greater value for increasing the awareness for a company's core competencies is achieved.  Thus increasing competitive advantage.

-Organizational Chart-

To assist in performing a SWOT analysis for the company's online identity. To gain an understand how information/content is flowing.

-Vision/Mission Statement-

Telling the story of the company, to find the target customers for the products or services that are offering.

-Analysis and Data Collection:

General Environment, Market Summary, Porters 5 Forces,  Online and Social media competitive comparison, company profile. 

Provide the structure for the plan


Asking the right questions is the key concept behind the strategy development and implementation. The knowledge obtained from the planning process is the means by which the objectives are identified.  increasing the long term success of the marketing funnel is the overall outcome for the strategy.

The key performance indicators (KPI) to drive the utilization of current assets to support business activity are Leads Generated, Bounce Rate, Activity Ratio, Conversions, Loyalty, Interaction Average Lead Score, Return on Marketing Investment, Customer Acquisition Cost, Time to Payback CAC, Marketing Originated Customer %(closed-loop marketing analytics system), Sales Targets, Tracking and Tagging, and Marketing funnel efficiency assessment. The success metric will use KPI to further the company's understanding of performance and review, course correction, and benchmarks to ensure success for all recommendations. The success metrics that will support decision-making are Purchase Funnel Success Indicators, Marketing % of Customer Acquisition Cost, Social Media ROI

Marketing Plan

Brand Strategy

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