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Energetic entrepreneur and creative director for two LA-based socially responsible clothing lines. As the respected innovative leader with 17 years of work experience in managing sales, marketing, production, client relationships, and design for multi-million-dollar businesses in the fashion and textile industry, Peter managed his own production facility, with leading contemporary manufacturers publishing his instructional works. He infuses his positive mental attitude, love of design and passion for people as well as philanthropic endeavors to inspire community giving by leading volunteer initiatives generating $1M annually through philanthropic efforts with global and local charities. MBA educated. Has a passion for helping small, to medium sized business grow using online marketing strategy to increase brand awareness.

Using the facts, details, and data provided, an analysis is conducted to clearly define the current company profile while identifying key opportunities and objectives for achieving the brand’s long-term, sustainable competitive advantage in the digital online area.  A summary will outline key strategic issues and the recommended actions needed to reach a full resolution while paving the way for needed change both now and continuously into the future, as well.
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