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Social Media and Digital Platforms Marketing Strategy

Social Media and Digital Platforms Marketing Strategy  develops recommendations for strategy and implementation for online and social media marketing and brand development. Based on the firm's assets and core competencies: utilizing Organizational Chart, to help assist in performing a SWOT analysis for the company's online identity. To gain an understand how information and content is flowing to the potential audience.

Vision and Mission Statement evaluation to tell the story of the company accurately, to find the target customers for the products and services the firm is offering.

Analysis of the industry, competitive comparison, and user experience over Social Media Platforms. The platforms and apps that will be reviewed and considered for implementing future marketing strategies that are desirable for target engagement with the target clientele. Estimated One Year of value added.

Success Metric for Recomendations

Developing best practices for achieving greater, competitive advantage in the digital space, and tracking process improvement.

Marketing strategy, General Environment, Target customer profile, user experience, and product mix

-Analysis of the industry and competitive comparison.

-Brand strategy: customer rating of competitors and key success factors, points of parity and points of differentiation. Brand mantra brand equity strategy, vision, Mission, operationalization quality. and trend-selling a dream anchored in product quality and style.

-E-commerce strategy: brand development index; vertical marketing systems VMS; a unified system for retail online and wholesale. Offering that support business functions and look to increase profitability.  Reviewing and course correction for channel conflicts. Online marketing: landing page, search ads, banner ads, email, forms, blogs, blogs, social networks. 1-3 years of value

Total Online and Digital Strategy

Success Metrics, General Environment analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, Channel Conflicts, Calendering, Market segmentation, user experience. The Strategy recommendations will drive the brand value proposition and maximize the assets and core competencies for achieving the highest level of success that the company is willing to capture.  Implementation plan 3-5 years of value.

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